Thursday, January 31, 2013


J. turned 7 on Monday. That's real girl years.
In the past year she has become a stronger swimmer, worked hard to read in Spanish, been able to add and subtract, tie her own shoes, take a step up in ballet classes, read music and play her piano at an increasingly successful rate, ride her bike with me while I run, cook with me (and even meal plan), make new friends at school, writes letters to her friend in Tulsa in English, builds amazing le-go creations and and and.
She is funny and kind.  Compassion is a true virtue for her.  She is sympathetic.  She is a rule follower. A great sleeper.  Both a organizer and a keeper of everything.  She loves being in the sun.  Loves swimming. Expresses her feelings more deeply.  Gives beautiful hugs. Still snuggles.  

Her favorite moment of her birthday was getting her birthday cupcake for breakfast at Cinderella's Castle.

Love love love.


  1. Hope you had an amazing birthday J! We love you bunches!

  2. Happy Birthday!! She is such an awesome 7 year old!

  3. Happy Birthday J!! Hope your celebration was fantastic!


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