Thursday, January 31, 2013

And all the Princesses that matter

We went!
It was a great long weekend to go.  We left when it was literally -14 below.
Everyone thought we were nuts when it was 60 degrees and the girls were in tank tops.
We thought it was heaven.
We didn't stress about doing all the "secret" things or getting everywhere.
We went to the Animal Kingdom on Friday.  Which was great.  The girls LOVED seeing Pocohantas!
And on Saturday we went to the Magic Kingdom.
We turned the corner to the castle and A. went nuts.

She thought it was so great.
So did C. and J.

My lovely Guatemomma friend made these perfect dresses for the girls - they were a huge hit!
We had the Princess breakfast in Cinderella's castle.
(Snow White is a dead ringer, but she is also creepy - if one of the princesses goes axe murderer, DH and I have our bets on her.)

Tea cups.  I used to hold my own on spinny rides, and I still go, but there was almost a princess breakfast clean-up.

C. LOVED seeing Jasmine.

We went on enough rides to have fun and skipped long lines.

We ended up seeing "a" Cinderella 4 times.
It never got old.

Perfect timing.


  1. Looks like a magical weekend. Hope the warm memories carry you thru 'til Spring.

  2. Looks like an amazing trip! Sophia read this with me and loved seeing all the pictures. She also swears that her and J are friends :) She swears she knows her ;)

    Love that you had a chance to escape for some sunshine and giggles.

  3. I love their dresses and their t-shirts...super cute!!! And A's expression in the castle pic is awesome! What a great capture!!

    And I totally would have been in summer clothes for 60 degrees. In fact, I'm currently dreaming of 60 degrees!


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